Bookmaker bonuses 2023


Bookmakers' promotions and bonuses are the main mechanisms that allow them to build up their loyal and active user base. At the same time, they are extremely useful for newcomers, as they allow them to earn extra money with little or no cash infusion.

In this article, we describe the characteristics of the key bonus programmes from sports betting sites. By studying this material, you will be guided in what exactly to look for if you are interested in finding a generous bookmaker for gifts.

Bookmaker's bonuses: the main types

The first thing to understand is that bonuses are always stipulated by the bookmaker's rules. They cannot be obtained by circumventing these rules or by additional tricks.

The main conditions for receiving them and create their individual categories. The best bookmaker bonuses are conventionally divided into such subcategories:

  • No deposit;
  • Freebets;
  • Registration bonuses;
  • Promo codes.

As a final note, no bookmaker's bonus can be withdrawn immediately and on simple terms. Often the betting site creates unique conditions for their wagering. Only after fulfilling them can bonus money or other promotional gifts be converted into real currency with the possibility of withdrawal to third-party accounts/wallets.

This bonus is not linked to a deposit on the part of the user. It is often given out as bonus money on fulfilment of certain conditions or during certain holidays or promotions. At the same time, in order to withdraw it, other conditions will have to be met. For example: Wagering the entire bonus amount 20 times.

Some sites after that will give you the entire amount of money earned, while others will only give you the amount of winnings (not including bets), while others will only give you the amount of the original bonus.


Free bets (freebets) are special bonuses that enable the bettor to bet a certain amount of money without the risk of losing his own money. Often the bookmaker sets the odds for such bets (example: an order with a margin of at least 2.5).

In case of winning such a bet, the client receives a net profit, which can be immediately withdrawn to his wallets. For example: if he used the £1000 frebet with odds of 2.5 and the winnings amounted to £2.5 thousand, then £1500 can be withdrawn. Not bad for a risk-free bet, don't you agree?

Freebies are given both when you create an account and when players who have been a long-time betting customer of the site fulfil some conditions.

Registration bonuses

This bonus is one of the easiest to get and the easiest to wager. The welcome bonus can be either completely free or with deposit conditions. On the other hand, the deposit can always be withdrawn literally straight away, and the bonus itself or freibbets for some amount will remain in your account.

Promo codes

A promotional code is a special code made up of letters and numbers, which, when entered into a special field on a betting site, allows you to receive one of a number of nice rewards: a discount, a bonus or preferential betting conditions. Unique promo codes are provided by almost all well-known betting sites and are distributed by third-party sites, which earn revenue for promoting them.

Promo codes give the most "tasty" bonuses if you enter them when registering a new account or receive them for participating in unique promotions, site birthdays and other holidays.

The nice thing about promo codes is that they are the most frequent bonus tool and are published dozens of times each year. Apart from that, they allow you not to risk your money and are available to both newcomers and old-timers at individual bookmakers.

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