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⚽ La Liga - bets and odds for the Spanish football championship 2021-2022

The ninety-first season of the Primera has begun this year, with Spain's top 20 teams competing for victory once again. The reigning winner of the trophy is Atletico, ahead of Real Madrid and Barcelona at the finish line. The betting odds for La Liga and the best offers from the bookmakers will be announced in this article as well as betting odds and prices for the Spanish championships from 2021-2022.

La Liga is rightly regarded as the strongest tournament on the European continent, as evidenced by UEFA's top ranking. Four teams in the tournament play in the competition, a 5th team battles it out in La Liga and a 6th club goes to the LKF. Each season, the last three teams in the league leave the top flight and are replaced by Segunda representatives.

La Liga is extremely popular in Russia, which is why all domestic betting houses place bets on the La Liga, with the volume of offers varying from site to site. Mostly users are offered a variety of betting options, from standard forwards and totals, to long-run bets on the tournament's goal scorer or Spain's best player.

Types of betting on La Liga

The bookmakers provide odds on the main events for absolutely every game of the Primera Division. Throughout the season, the site publishes detailed predictions for the Spanish championship from leading experts.

To select a bet on a match, simply click on the team name in the calendar and all the necessary information for the game will be available immediately. The user can read the statistics of past performances, the specifics of the meetings, the starting line-ups as well as the most important news about the teams without any problems. All of this information has a direct influence on the betting process.

Betting on the winner of La Liga

Barcelona are considered the favourites for the new Primera Division. Last season, Koeman was just at the helm of the Catalans and now the Dutchman has the necessary authority to lead his team.

Just behind the Catalans is Real Madrid, with odds of 2.45. With Carlo Ancelotti at the helm, he will have to deal with a restructuring of the club and the departure of the leaders. Madrid will have a tough time in the coming years.

Gold medallist Atletico finished only third with 4.50. After the win, Diego Simeone was given a new contract until 2024 and the team also worked on strengthening the squad. In any case, Atletico are always underestimated and put behind the ever-dominant Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Top 10 contenders for success in La Liga according to the betting odds in the new championship

  1. Barcelona ≈2.50;
  2. Real Madryt ≈2.50;
  3. Atletico ≈4.50;
  4. Sevilla ≈23.00;
  5. Real Sociedad ≈51.00;
  6. Villarreal ≈101.00;
  7. Real Betis ≈126.00;
  8. Athletic Bilbao ≈201.00;
  9. Walencja ≈301.00;
  10. Celta ≈301.00

Bets on Spanish Championship statistics

The statistics of the teams from last year's 2020/21 can be used as a starting point to build up ideas for the new football season.

  • Barcelona (2.24) and Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid (1.76) were the highest scoring clubs last season.
  • The teams with the lowest number of goals are Getafe (0.74), Elche (0.89) and Alaves (0.95).
  • The league's best defences are Atletico (0.66), Real Madrid (0.74) and Sevilla (0.87).
  • The worst defences in the Primera are Granada (1.71), Cadiz (1.53) and Alaves (1.5).
  • The top teams in terms of games played at home are Atletico (84%), Sevilla (75%) and Real Madrid (74%).
  • The top visiting clubs are Real Madrid (74%), Barcelona (72%) and Atletico (67%).
  • The toughest teams are Getafe (3.05 yellows), Celta (2.74) and Elche (2.53).
  • The neatest clubs are Real Madrid (1.55 yellows), Villarreal (1.71) and Levante (1.76).

Bets on finishing in the top 4

Traditionally, four clubs are fighting for a place in the Champions League zone, which will also keep their position in the leading group this season.

According to most bookmakers, the positions at the top will be distributed as follows:

  • Barcelona - 2.50.
  • Real Madrid - 2.50.
  • Atletico - 4,33.
  • Sevilla - 17.00.

As you can see, Barcelona and Real Madrid have almost equal chances of success. These teams are the ones most likely to win La Liga, perhaps even in a head-to-head encounter.

Live betting on the Spanish Primera

Bookmakers offer extensive betting odds on football events for teams from Spain. Users can choose their options from the number of goals scored, to the availability of yellow cards. In order to navigate quickly in live betting, the player needs to use all sources of information, statistics, follow the news and experts' opinions. Only a trained sports bettor can find his way through the multitude of online events, even within a single championship, and make the most of them.

Bets on individual Spanish championship awards

Next, let's take a look at the most interesting positions to fight in according to the bookies for the whole season.

  • The top scorer is Karim Benzema, Real Madrid.

With Messi having left Spain, the battle for the title of top goalscorer has become increasingly fierce, with a host of players competing for the title. However, it is French midfielder Benzema who stands out, scoring 23 goals last season. Karim plays at the top of the pecking order at Real Madrid at the moment and all attacks will come through him.

  • Gold glove: Jan Oblak, Atletico.

The Slovene is currently unbeaten, with Oblak having secured his place as the league's best goalkeeper for years to come, so it's unlikely that anyone will be able to shake the Matraznik goalkeeper's position.

  • MVP: Casemiro, Real Madrid.

There is also a lot of competition for the MVP spot, but Casemiro is expected to make a fundamental impact on the game, both in the centre and near the penalty box. So if the Brazilian plays his best, the award will go to him.

  • Best young player: Pedri, Barcelona.

Pedri was quick to earn a place at Barcelona and at 18, the lad can be considered one of the team's leaders. On top of that, Pedri is extremely hard-working and, after last season, he refused to take a leave of absence to start training straight away. So the boy's potential is enormous.

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