William Hill propose Calculate my bet feature

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Type of premium No deposit
Valid until Perpetual

William Hill bookmaker implemented the function "Calculate my bet" for all his clients.

How clients can calculate their rates

Every client of William Hill bookmaker can take control of his multiples with the Calculate My Stake feature.

It is a possibility to calculate the active bet and receive a refund before the last coupon event is played.

In addition, now bookmaker offer a partial settlement bet option that allows you to pay some of your money and keep the rest until the end of the last event on the coupon.

The Calculate My Bet feature is available in Singles and Multiples in Football, Horse Racing, Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Darts, Golf and Snooker, including Live events.

Steps for calculates bet

1. Client can place a single or multiple bet online

First, client must place a bet. Single bets or express bets are taken into his account. As soon as he place a bet, he will see the amount by which he can calculate it.

2. Client can go to the "Open Bets" tab on the coupon after logging in

Whenever client think about calculating his bet, he go to the "Open Bets" tab on the coupon and then will get information about his bets.

3. Here he will see the amount by which he can calculate his bet

If the bet settlement feature is available in that market/match, client will be able to settle his bet. The amount by which he can calculate his bet will be displayed in the blue field, and he can calculate the bet by clicking the green "Calculate bet" icon.

If client want to calculate the bet only partially, he just must move the slider to the desired amount. He will see how the amount of the remaining bet changes and the amount that will be calculated. Once he're happy with his selections, client must click the "Calculate Bet" icon. The amount will be calculated and a new rate will be accepted for the remaining amount.

As soon as one of the events on coupon wins, or even if client team takes the lead, the amount available for settlement will increase. The more events in the express, and the later he make the calculation - the more he can get.

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