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Best bets on Mortal Kombat (MK) at bookmakers [2022]

The Mortal Kombat series needs no introduction for generations of gamers. It is not for nothing that it is so popular with affluent cyber sports betting fans even today. After all, many of them grew up on MK. We suggest you remember your favourite characters from your childhood, meet experienced players, and bet on your favourite character to win.

Mortal Kombat 11 – Official Story Trailer:

With the number of platforms this fighting game has been released on, it is unlikely that any other project in the gaming industry has been able to match the number of platforms it has been on. No other fighting game can boast the number of fans who remember certain characters' punch combinations by heart years later. As well as any other project. That is why Mortal Kombat has become a cult series. Although today it is not so popular among professional gamers, as some other releases.

Yes, fans of team-based shooters prefer Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Many people like to take out enemies by their side rather than face to face with their opponents. Fans of MOBA genre, particularly the cult Dota 2 will confirm this thesis. But did any of the fans of those games ever get as much satisfaction from winning as they get from a brutal fatality? Hardly.

Mortal Kombat and its impact on modernity

Few modern gamers, and quite possibly their parents, are aware that long ago, bookmakers were already taking bets on who would end up stronger: Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Rayden or Reptile. Or someone else from Midway Games' unique slot machine. As early as 1992, arcade "boxes" from this American developer and publisher flooded what would later be called computer clubs around the world.

And it doesn't matter if they have PCs, consoles or bulky arcade machines. What matters is that Mortal Kombat is there.

The era of arcade machines and consoles

The first instalment of the iconic fighting game appeared in 1992. Initially MK was only available in arcades on special arcade machines. But it so appealed to their visitors that the developers and publishers ported their brainchild to other platforms as quickly as possible. At the time, Mortal Kombat was already the favourite game of an entire generation.

The evolution of the Mortal Kombat series | 1992 - 2019:

MK for PC and consoles

Although the real glory of the bloody and somewhat ludicrous fighting game awaited its arrival on home consoles and personal computers. Now everyone could appreciate the power of Rayden from the comfort of their own homes. Or make sure that Liu Kang is able to save our world in the fight against the evil that defeated his brother. At least in the movies. Albeit not the most successful, but an iconic one nonetheless.

Modern life with Mortal Kombat heroes

MK is now not just a great way to have fun, it's also a noteworthy idea to make money. And in a number of ways. If you're great at playing your favourite Mortal Kombat titles from the ninth and up, then:

  • Feel free to sign up for tournaments for a variety of gaming perks;
  • punish online "enemies" and get real money for it;
  • become a pro and earn as much as real fighters.

It's a good time to elaborate on that last point. In case anyone hasn't figured it out yet, it's about betting on cyber sports. And it is a real business, which has long ceased to be mere entertainment.

Mortal Kombat as part of cyber sport today

Almost from its inception, Mortal Kombat has attracted people willing to compete in agility and fight amongst themselves, thanks to the 'avatars' on slot machines, TVs or monitors. Fighting quickly evolved from mere entertainment into a real competition. Then it began to attract thousands of professional gamers fighting for victory.

Is it worth remembering today that Mortal Kombat was at the origins of modern eSports? And for a long time it was at the top of the fighting game Olympus among pro-gamers. But then it moved more shrewd competitors. And this situation lasted until 2011.

Until NetherRealm Studios' Mortal Kombat 9, which was both a relaunch and a number one sequel to the series, was released. It was thanks to that part of the project that he returned to cyber sports. And it remains there to this day. Suffice it to recall that it was with the release of this part, a number of organizations have signed a contract with the developers of fighting game to include MK in their events. And even holding separate tournaments Mortal Kombat around the world. And now professional gamers like SonicFox earn hundreds of thousands of dollars through their favorite cause.

MK11: Final Kombat 2020 - Grand Finals - SonicFox [Joker] VS NinjaKilla [Liu Kang]:

Mortal Kombat: who to bet on right now?

There are many iconic professional players who have long since proven to the world that they can kick the ass of any opponent in their favourite game. You can see their stats, recent performance scores and number of victories in our summary table. Also, don't forget to keep an eye out for more Mortal Kombat news. From them you will learn everything about what is currently happening with fighting games as a cybersport discipline.

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