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Sportingbet offer Back Up Bet Token | Officialbookmakers 2023

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Sportingbet offer Back Up Bet Token | Officialbookmakers 2023
Tipo de prêmio Freebet, Insurance

For some sports betting markets, the Back Up Bet Token function is available as part of the bonus program of the British bookie Sportingbet. To use this function, you just need to select it when placing a bet in your coupon.

If you want to insure your own bet, you should select the 'Apply Back Up Bet' button in the coupon, which is highlighted in dark gray. After confirming the bet, a special green check mark will appear opposite this option. Now the bet is protected and even in case of failure, a part of its amount will be returned to the account.

It should be understood that part of the funds will be returned in the form of a token with a freebet equivalent. As a rule, the freebet value is no more than 50% of the initial amount. Moreover, you can't withdraw this money in cash immediately, it has to be wagered during the next bets. However, this is better than nothing in case of a normal loss of the bet.

British customers of Sportingbet will be notified of the availability of the Back Up Bet Token bonus offer by a special green banner after authorization. The available limit for this betting operation will also be displayed there.

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