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In recent years, mixed martial arts has been gaining in popularity among spectators and gamblers. Bettors are particularly attracted to betting on the UFC. Quite logically: the Ultimate Fighting Championship is currently the most important organisation in the world of MMA. In this section of our website there are all the fights of the promotion with dates and bookmakers' quotations, which will make the choice of the fight to bet much easier. Now you can find out in seconds when the fight is going to take place and bet on the favourite to win at the best odds.

UFC calendar with bookmaker quotes

Here you will find the schedule of all upcoming Ultimate Fighting Championship fights, regardless of tournament status or venue. For the convenience of domestic bettors, the start time of the fights is given as Moscow time. The calendar shows the start time of the event and each of its fights, starting with prelims and ending with the main card's main bouts.

The schedule shows all upcoming matches with date, time and venue. Additionally, the best bookmaker quotes available on the market are listed. In other words, betting on the fights will become much easier, as the bettor will determine the potential winner much faster than by searching for information on his own. For all top and key fights in the octagon, including title fights, there are also detailed predictions for the UFC. They detail the odds of each opponent winning.

Which tournaments and fights are represented?

This section of our website includes all the organisation's events around the world. They are all tentatively divided into several groups. The Ultimate Fighting Championship holds the following events.

Numbered tournaments

The most popular UFC events are those that are designated by several numbers. The "numbered" tournaments include most of the promotion's title fights and fights against the most popular athletes. At UFC 247, for example, Jon Jones defended the championship belt in a battle with Dominic Reyes. And Valentina Shevchenko defended the bantamweight title against Catlin Chukagyan in the co-main event.

Even if a UFC event does not include a fight for the championship belt, permanent or temporary, the main card is sure to feature some high-profile fighters. For example, the main fight of the evening at UFC 246 was a clash between Conor McGregor and Donal Cerrone. It was voted one of the best fights of the first half of the year by Fighttime and other reputable publications.

Fight Night

This series of tournaments takes place in various countries around the world. If the UFC is holding a fight today in Brazil, the UK or elsewhere outside of the US, it is very likely to be designated as Fight Night. These events usually involve a large number of athletes from the host country. The exceptions are the tournaments that take place at Fight Island in Abu Dhabi, UAE.


A series of exclusive Ultimate Fighting Championship events, the broadcast rights to which are owned by US cable network Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. In addition to the UFC, ESPN often broadcasts other sporting events exclusively, such as boxing bouts.

  • Occasionally, the American promotion has other activities. But most fall into one of the three categories listed above.

Schedule of fights and tournaments, calendar and betting odds for UFC on online-bookmakers

This section will help you stay up to date with the events of the main American promotion in the world of mixed martial arts. The calendar will greatly simplify betting on mixed martial arts, even for those fans of gambling entertainment, who are far from fighting in the octagon, but would like to join the betting on the popular discipline.

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