888Sport offer Up For 8 | Officialbookmakers 2023

Valid until: 31.05.2023

888Sport offer Up For 8 | Officialbookmakers 2023
Type of premium Freebet

During the EPL 2022/23 football season, a weekly draw of a £10,000 cash prize takes place. As part of the Up For 8 sweepstakes from the British bookmaker 888Sport, you need to guess the outcomes of eight English Premier League matches.

The main prize of Up For 8 goes only to the player who guesses all the outcomes of the promotional matches every week. In case there are several winners, 10 thousand pounds will be divided among them in equal proportions.

However, even for 5 guessed outcomes, there are incentive prizes within Up For 8, namely freebets of different amounts. The value of a freebet for five out of eight outcomes is £2, for six outcomes - £5, and for seven outcomes - £10.

Every client of the 888Sport bookmaker can participate in the sweepstakes every week. Another advantage is that you can use other bonus offers at the same time.

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