UEFA Europa League - Bets & odds for UEFA 2021-2022

With just two rounds of qualification and eighteen pairs in total at the qualifying stage, this is the new kind of Europa League that UEFA proposed ahead of the current season in connection with European cup reform. A third international club competition, called the Conference League, is back on the radar. In this context, there are innovations for the 2021-2022 season that will affect betting directly, as the odds for first and third place in groups are now more important than ever.

Features of Europa League betting

First of all, the number of matches in the autumn is reduced. Instead of twelve groups in the Europa League, there are now eight quartets of four teams each. Therefore, the betting needs to be adjusted to take account of these changes. A season earlier, UEFA Europa League was won by Villarreal, who also kicked off in the same tournament. The Spanish club beat Manchester United, who started in the Champions League, in the final. The other two semi-finalists, Arsenal London and Roma in Rome, were also Europa League semi-finalists initially.

The significance of the first place in the group for the 2021-2022 season will increase even more, given that its holders qualify directly for the 1/8 finals. In other words, they save themselves two matches in the previous play-off stage, which will be mandatory for all other competitors in the decisive stages of the tournament.

Types of betting on the Europa League

In the Europa League, betting on goals is popular, given the difference in class between some clubs. Among the 2021-2022 group stage participants Brondby, Sturm, Legia and Antwerp, for instance, are the clear underdogs in their respective quartets. The away matches between these teams are a good excuse for a top-flight total.

The long-term bets on the winner of the tournament, the best team in their group and the UEFA Europa League top assist and goalscorer amongst the players are far more promising, given the high odds. Let's take a closer look at these betting markets below.

Group stage

Already the autumn period in the Europa League will be marked by the struggle to get out of the group, and even third places in this context matter because they do not end the teams' Eurocup journey, but merely relegate them to the play-offs of the League of Conferences. Lokomotiv, for example, are considered the underdog in their group. In the company of Lazio, Marseille and Galatasaray, you can bet on first place for 9.00.

Group C, in the context of the participation of Spartak Moscow, is also of heightened interest to Russian fans. In this case, a bet on the Red-Whites' passage from first place can also be placed at odds of 9.00, but the Russians are not last in the pecking order within the group. Legia Warszawa (18.00) has even fewer options, doubly so. Napoli and Leicester, whose probability of victory in their group fluctuates around two, will take the lead.

Betting on Europa League statistics

Separately, there are also goal statistics and betting on events such as goals scored or conceded by specific teams. In the case of Marko Nikolic's team, the bookmakers focus on seven goals scored and nine conceded. These are the boundary values, acting as a kind of watershed for betting.

Betting on the winner of the Europa League

Already in the autumn, bookmakers publish odds on which team will win the Europa League. Bookmakers are laying a considerable probability that the tournament will be won by a team that "drops out" of the Champions League. And there will be eight such clubs, i.e. 25% of the play-offs.

Live betting on the Europa League

The live betting spread at many bookies contains an abundance of options, both in terms of goals scored and in terms of other events. The bettor has the possibility of catching a gap for goals, as well as other scenarios, up to and including goals in equal time and three-way totals for individual matches.

The favourites in the scoring race

Among those forwards with a European name already guaranteed to feature in the Europa League, Ciro Immobile and Jamie Vardy are the favourites to score. Again, it has to be said that it will be the Russian defenders who will have to contain these strikers. As for the betting, you can raise ten times that amount if you support either of these guys. For 12.00, you can bet on Lorenzo Insigne, who will face Group C rivals Napoli.

Special offers

Leading legal bookmakers do not run special promotions related to Europa League games in general. Perhaps the promotions will be related to specific matches or whole days of the competition. For example, it is common to see a category in the lines comparing the results of all home teams and all visiting teams. However, these bets are usually available on the day of the match.

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