👍 Table tennis betting - upcoming duels with bookmaker odds

Among sports games, table tennis has been popular all over the world for more than a century. Major competitions on it have been held since the beginning of the twentieth century. And table tennis betting has become an integral part of any big bookmaker's line-up. This section of our website contains the schedule of all major tournaments and clashes involving the best table tennis players.

Table tennis match calendar with bookmaker quotes

You no longer have to search for the right match on different profile websites and the table tennis schedule in legitimate betting shops. The schedules for the biggest table tennis tournaments are collected in our match centre. All key matches have odds available from bookmakers who have included the event in their line-up. And free table tennis predictions from the experts will make it much easier to choose your favourites for a bet and increase your chances of winning.

What tournaments and competitions are represented?

The biggest table tennis competitions are the World Championships and the Summer Olympics. These are on the schedule for sure. The calendar also makes it easy to see who is playing in other major national and international tournaments in the coming days.

Table Tennis World Championships

The tournament is held every two years. All table tennis World Cup matches are played under the auspices of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), which includes more than two hundred countries. The next world championship will be the fifty-seventh and will take place in Houston, USA, in 2021.

Summer Olympics

Experienced bettors are well aware that ping-pong betting is not a pastime, but a serious way of making money. An example of this is the bookmakers' annual betting turnover on the table tennis competition of the Summer Olympics. It exceeds the $100 million mark. All matches of the event are included in our schedule.

Other competitions

Table tennis bets are also available on a number of other events. Most of them are presented in our match centre. These are:

  • World Cup;
  • ITTF World Tour;
  • European Championships;
  • Asian games.

The match centre also contains matches from other continental, national and regional competitions. Especially when famous players are involved.

Table tennis schedule, calendar and betting odds on online-bookmakers

You don't need to waste precious time to find key matches in the discipline and bet on them. All the important table tennis matches are on our schedule. We're talking major international and local regional competitions. And the bookmakers' quotations and other useful information will allow you to choose the most favourable variants with high odds and get the maximum profit from your bets.

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