World Cup betting - tournament regulations, best games of the 2022 World Cup

The World Cup is football's premier event, watched by hundreds of millions of people across all continents. It brings together the world's best players to lift the coveted trophy - a six-kilogram 18-karat gold trophy - over their heads. The event is naturally attractive from a betting point of view. Find out how to bet on the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Tournament rules

A total of 209 national teams are participating in the tournament. In the final stage (in Qatar), 32 teams will play. From the next tournament, however, the number of teams will increase to 48. In order to qualify for the main stage, the national teams have to qualify on their continent. In Europe the teams are split into 10 groups of 5-6 teams. The second-ranked teams and the two best teams in the Nations League (from among those who do not qualify for the qualifiers) will compete for the final 3 berths. The main tournament will be played in Qatar. The main tournament will be played between 21 November and 18 December 2022.

Top favourites for the 2022 World Cup

Although bookmakers are not yet taking bets on the World Cup, the main contenders can already be identified.

  • France. The reigning world champions, despite a disappointing performance at the Euros (a 1/8 defeat to Switzerland in a penalty shoot-out), are regarded as the strongest national team and have a deserved claim to a second successive gold medal. There are stars in all the lines of the Tricolour team: Kylian Mbappe is the most expensive player on the planet in attack, the centre-backs Paul Pogba and N'Golo Kante are in the top flight, and the impenetrable Rafael Waran is responsible for defence.
  • Italy. The recent Euro triumphators have dominated the continent with 15 straight victories under their belt. The Italians won their Euro 2020 qualifying group with a cosmic result: 10 wins out of 10, a goal difference of 37-4. The last time the Scuadra Azzurra lost in 2018 was to Portugal (0-1) in the group stage of the UEFA Nations League.
  • England. According to the reputable transfermarkt portal, the total value of this national team's players is €1.32 billion. The closest pursuers (France) are €300m cheaper.
  • Germany. The Germans failed at the Euros, losing to eventual finalists England (0-2). Despite this, the Bundesstim are still regarded as one of the main contenders.
  • Brazil. The ball-wielding side have not looked their best in recent years, seemingly still reeling from their 1-7 loss to Germany at their home World Cup. Nevertheless, the selection of players on the Brazilian team, led by Neymar, makes them automatic favourites for any World Cup.

World Cup betting features

Let's take a look at the specifics of betting on World Cup matches. National team matches are very different from club tournaments. The experts at take a closer look at the key points for betting enthusiasts.

Big difference in class

In qualifying tournaments on all continents, there is a large number of crashes when favourites meet underdogs. Often bookmakers don't even give odds on the favourites to win. Even a bare minimum betting odds of 1.01 to see France beat Gibraltar would be exorbitant. Therefore, bettors planning to bet on the World Cup have to take minus forms.

This does not happen at club level. Even when Bayern in the German cup meets a representative of the lower leagues, there are odds on their victory, albeit very modest ones. More than 20 teams are involved in the World Cup qualifiers, of which 90% are amateurs. These are teams from dwarf nations like San Marino and the Faroe Islands. Many betting odds have been placed on the teams advancing out of the 2022 World Cup qualifying group. Bookmakers offer the lowest odds (1.10 - 1.01) for the clear favourites.

If in a single match a favourite can unexpectedly lose to an underdog. In a 10-round series, sensationalism is almost impossible. That's why the odds are so low.

Need to keep an eye on the application

The clubs have a stable roster for the season with minimal changes due to transfers. Strong players are excluded from the roster only because of injuries or conflicts. Before every match of the national team the coaches always create a roster of players. Often there can be serious changes in it, sometimes it does not include the leaders. Sometimes the club management may not allow a player to play for the national team. On 25 August 2021, for example, it was reported that APL clubs have refused to release players for matches in the countries on the British government red list. This list includes most of Latin America as well as some countries in Africa, Europe and Asia.

Therefore, when betting online for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the first thing to look for is a bid from the teams, not the name of the opponents. The coaches initially draw up an extended list of 27-30 players, from which a few candidates are later eliminated.

Group leaders lose motivation in the final rounds of selection

The qualifying tournament is played in 2 rounds of 10 matches. If a team wins the first 6 or 7 matches, it is likely to qualify for the final tournament. Therefore, in the remaining rounds, the national team does not play at its full strength and the coaches have to resort to a rotation, sometimes not calling up the leaders at all. However, this does not always happen. Thus, the Italian national team in the Europa League qualifiers secured a place already after the sixth round. However, the team continued to play brightly, achieving 10 major victories. Therefore, when placing bets on the 2022 World Cup qualifiers we should keep the favourites' motivation in mind.

Where best to bet on the Mundial

Betting on the 2022 World Cup is accepted at all legal UK bookmakers. Therefore, it is best to choose the most reliable bookmakers offering good bonuses and high odds.

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