Online hockey betting with the best odds at bookmakers: NHL and other leagues

This page contains the best online hockey betting odds according to the official bookmakers' quotes. The schedule of games and the best betting odds for the NHL, KHL, Euroleague and other major tournaments. Hot betting offers for the World Championships and Junior Championships. Here you will also find other information for choosing winning bets in the line-up: match previews, team line-ups, insider tips, analysis and news from trusted sources.

Hockey calendar with bookmaker quotes

No more wasting time looking for a convenient match schedule. All betting odds on hockey, with game dates and times, as well as betting odds, are presented in a single table. The information covers all the leading leagues in the world, from semi-professional divisions to the National Hockey League. There is a separate line with international competitions among adults and youth national teams. So you'll always know when your favourite team is playing, and where to bet on them to win.

Which tournaments and leagues are represented?

The match centre includes a calendar of the world's leading ice hockey championships. But it also features little-known local leagues, which are not of interest to ordinary gambling enthusiasts, but attract professional bettors and fans. All hockey today and in the coming days is presented with the exact date, place and time of the teams taking to the ice.

National championships

Among domestic bettors, the NHL and KHL are considered the most popular sports events in the sport. These two leagues get special attention. Our editors have prepared extra hockey forecasts for most of them. There are also events from:

  • of the Amateur Hockey League of North America (AHL);
  • of the Major Hockey League (MHL);
  • Youth Hockey League (YHL).

If oppositions from other hockey divisions in different countries appear in the bookmakers' line-up, they will certainly be added to the calendar.

When it comes to NHL and other major league games, the schedule includes all games of the season. From regular season preparatory games to series to finals.

Club battles

The table contains international competitions for clubs from different countries. It includes professional competitions in the Old World and tournaments featuring the best teams from all over the world, including the NHL.

National and youth team matches

Special attention in the schedule of games is given to the national teams' tournaments. In the first instance, these are:

  • World Championship.
  • World Youth Championship.
  • Hockey tournament in the framework of the Winter Olympics.
  • Euro Hockey Tour.
  • Hockey World Cup.

So you'll always know who's playing your favourite national team in the coming days.

Game schedule, calendar and betting odds for hockey on Official Bookmakers

The advantages of using the match centre are obvious. It is a quick way to find the right match and more information about it, including free hockey predictions, lineup data, injured players, coaching staff reshuffles, and other nuances that affect bookmakers' quotes. This will help you find the best odds and increase your bankroll. Betting on the KHL playoffs, the NHL regular season or the annual World Cup will bring you even more fun and chances to close the bet.

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