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Among combination and team sports, volleyball occupies a special place. For more than seventy years, the discipline has hosted major international competitions and a number of national championships. Not only fans, but also bettors enjoy watching them. After all, volleyball betting is a significant and integral part of every reputable bookmaker's line-up.

This section of our website contains all the most important information about upcoming games and tournaments. Volleyball matches for today, tomorrow and the next few days are listed with date, time and venue. There is also additional information on the schedule, such as bookmakers' odds and their spreads for the event.

Volleyball calendar with bookmaker quotes

In our match centre, fans of team sports will find all the information they need about the upcoming competitions. First and foremost is the match schedule with dates, times and venues. The key fixtures are accompanied by additional information. There are also free predictions for the major matches and contests, which makes choosing a winning bet that much easier.

Which tournaments and leagues are represented?

Now you can find out who is playing today, tomorrow and on any day of interest in a matter of seconds. The match centre features volleyball matches for national championships, international club tournaments and competitions for national teams at various levels, starting with juniors. If amateur matches are added to the bookmakers' line-up, these will also be added to the calendar. For those who like to bet on women's volleyball, this section of our website also contains useful information.

National championships

The calendar contains all the matches of the popular national championships of different countries. They are represented not only by the top divisions, but also by the other divisions. The most popular matches among domestic bettors are:

  • The National Cup;
  • National Volleyball League;
  • UK Beach Tour.

Volleyball fans also enjoy following the championships of other countries:

  • USA;
  • Serbia;
  • China;
  • Japan;
  • Italy.

And now they have no trouble finding out when their favourite team is playing.

Eurocup battles

The calendar includes international competitions at club level. These include the Euroleague, which is organised annually by the European Volleyball Confederation (CEV), as well as other important tournaments for teams from different countries. This includes both men's and women's tournaments.

National team matches

The most important competitions between teams from different countries are organised by the International Volleyball Federation, which includes two hundred and twenty-two national federations. The most popular national team tournaments are:

  • the competition in the Summer Olympics;
  • world championships;
  • world cup;
  • League of Nations;
  • the world champions cup environment for national teams;
  • World League (men's teams) and Grand Prix (women's teams).

Also included in the calendar are major youth and junior team competitions, the Beach Volleyball World Cup and World Tour and other popular tournaments.

If a competition is available at least at a few official bookmakers, it will certainly be added to our match centre. With odds, predictions and other important information that will interest both the fan and the gambling enthusiast.

Game schedule, calendar and quotes for volleyball betting

The Match Centre will make you forget what it's like to regularly browse through dozens of specialist websites in search of information about the match you want to watch. It shows all the volleyball matches for today and the near future. The data on prices of the bookmakers for the desired game will help you to quickly orientate and choose the best option for betting. And volleyball predictions will help you determine a potential winner and increase your chances of winning.

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