⚽ Bundesliga, Germany Championship Betting Patterns 2021-2022, Best Football Predictions

The German Bundesliga regularly ranks among the top four European football championships. This is due to the high level of development of the sport in the country at professional, semi-professional and amateur level. German clubs are highly ranked in the UEFA classification, in particular in the club rankings of the associations Germany is ranked number 4, Bayern is ranked number 1 and in the club rankings for the last 10 years, Bayern Munich is ranked number 2, just behind Real Madrid.

The popularity of Bundesliga matches and a particular philosophy

Bundesliga matches attract attention with their dynamism, flamboyance and high performance. The German Premier League is made up of a host of world-class players - Lewandowski, Müller, Awoniyi, Holand, Wirz, Modeste, Al Gaddioui, Musiala, Woo Young Cheong, Larsen and many more. The Bundesliga today is still a combination of an original playing philosophy, their own methods and techniques and out-of-the-box thinking on the pitch. There are many other official football tournaments in Germany apart from the Bundesliga Championship:

  • German Cup;
  • Super Bowl;
  • Winter Cup;
  • Telecom Cup;
  • 3 Junior Bundesliga teams (South, North, West);
  • Women's Bundesliga;
  • Junior Bundesliga;
  • DFB Junior Cup.

The financial capacity of German clubs allows them to actively pursue a transfer policy by bringing in star performers. According to data provided by Transfermarkt, the total value of German Bundesliga clubs is €4.48 billion, not far behind those of Serie A (€5 billion) and La Liga Spain (€5.2 billion).

The most popular bets for the Bundesliga 2021-2022 season

All bookmakers offer a wide range of bets on German football. On online-bookmakers.com you will find a list of the best bookmakers for betting on the German Championship, as well as a calendar of games, a schedule of fights and forecasts by leading experts, which are distinguished by high probability.

To summarise, the following features of the German football championship can be highlighted:

  • High efficiency;
  • Liberal refereeing and relatively few yellow cards;
  • Frequent misfires by leaders;
  • Unstable performances by strong and good teams during the season - e.g. Bayer 04 (2002/2003), Schalke 04 (2018/19) and others that periodically go through ups and downs.

Betting on German Bundesliga matches is always exciting and entertaining, and if you study the statistics and read the experts' predictions then you stand a real chance of improving your financial situation.

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