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⚽ Italian championships - how to bet on football and what bookmakers are offering

Serie A are consistently among the four strongest leagues in Europe, according to the UEFA coefficient table. Many football stars play here, such as Paolo Dibala, El Shaarawy, Joaquin Correa, Alvaro Morata and others. Bookmakers, offer hundreds of types of bets on the Italian football championship.

Three facts about Serie A

Here are the league statistics that will be helpful to those who plan to place bets or are simply interested in Italian football.

Efficiency has increased

In the 1990s and early 2000s, Serie A was one of Europe's least prolific leagues. Italy are the birthplace of catenaccio, a tactical defensive scheme based on committing small fouls in midfield. But with the arrival of many internationals and foreign coaches, Italian football has changed. Today, Serie A have witnessed an increase in efficiency, led by the likes of Atalanta, Napoli and Sassuolo. In the 2020/2021 season, 14 of the 20 clubs have recorded an average efficiency of 3 goals or more.

The trend has continued this season, with most teams playing open football. Therefore, total and OZ (both goals) betting are popular in Italian football betting.

The end of the Old Lady's hegemony

Juventus won the Scudetto nine times in succession from 2011/2012 to 2019/2020. Last season, however, Inter Milan were crowned champions, which is seen by specialists as the end of the Turin club's hegemony. Cristiano Ronaldo, the co-star of the Bianconeri (and the league as a whole), transferred to Manchester United at the end of August 2021. As a result, Juventus' potential declined further.

There are several teams in contention for the Scudetto today. In the long term betting odds on the Italian Serie A, bookmakers are offering to determine the winner of the 2021/2022 season. While previously Juventus were favoured by odds of 1.6-1.8, the Turin club does not have a clear lead today. Inter (3-3.5) is virtually identical and the other 2 or 3 clubs get odds under 10: Atalanta (5.5-6), Roma (8-8.5) and Napoli (9-9.5).

Lots of derbies

Every football championship has a derby, and in Serie A there are four at once:

  • Milan (Inter vs. Milan).
  • Rome (Roma vs Lazio).
  • Torino (Juventus vs Torino).
  • "Lantern" ("Genoa" - "Sampdoria"). It gets its name from Genoa's main symbol, the huge lighthouse.

These matches are characterised by uncompromising tackling (resulting in a high number of fouls and TK) and unpredictable results. In the Turin derby, for example, Juventus do not have total superiority, even though their squad is two heads stronger than that of modest Torino.

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