Among the individual sports disciplines, tennis occupies a special place. The battles of the world's best racquets on grass and dirt courts are of interest to ordinary fans and bettors alike. Not a single reputable bookmaker's office ignores tennis betting, giving it a special place in the line-up and coverage.

This section contains information on all important men's (ATP), women's (WTA) and mixed tournaments. In addition to dates, times and venues, the match centre includes bookmaker quotes, statistics on athletes' performances and other information to help identify the favourites.

Calendar of tennis matches with bookmakers' betting odds

The schedule includes dates, times and venues for all matches involving the world's best racquets, as well as local and ranked tournaments. All top matches are accompanied by additional information, such as betting odds and betting tips. Free tennis predictions will help you find your favourite and place a good bet.

What tournaments and competitions are represented?

The match centre includes all the most important events from the world of tennis. In a matter of seconds, the bettor knows when and where a particular athlete is playing and who his opponents are. The competitions are divided into several large categories.

Grand Slam tournaments

Four of the biggest and most prestigious tournaments, held annually. The Grand Slam tournaments are:

  • Australian Open Tennis Championships.
  • Les Internationaux de France de Roland Garros is the French Open.
  • The Wimbledon tournament.
  • The US Open.

The schedule includes all matches in the Grand Slam main draw. In some cases, it also includes preliminary matches of the different divisions and juniors. This is done if the games are of interest to bettors and are available on the bookmakers' line. In this way, no significant match is overlooked.

Other ATP and WTA tournaments

Most tennis betting, however, is not on the Grand Slam but on other ranking events. The bulk of these are under the auspices of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and the Women's Tennis Association (WTA). These are:

  • The ATP-tour, which includes five categories of competitions;
  • WTA tournaments are a similar number of women's tennis events, also in five categories.

All important confrontations involving top athletes are included in the schedule.

Other competitions

A number of other major competitions are held under the auspices of the International Tennis Federation (ITF), which works closely with the ATP and WTA. These include individual, team and national tournaments. The biggest of these are:

  • Tennis Masters Cup;
  • Davis Cup;
  • Federation Cup;
  • Holman Cup.

The ITF is also actively involved in organising the tennis events of the Summer Olympics. You can find out when a competition is taking place and when your favourite tennis player is playing in seconds from our match centre.

Match schedule, calendar and tennis betting odds with Official Bookmakers

Bettors value their time and try to use all available tools to find great betting offers. One of them is our match centre. It contains all the tennis matches for today and the nearest future. And additional information will allow you to quickly analyse the offers available at the betting shop, make the most profitable deal at high odds, and increase your bankroll without much effort.

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