🤾 Betting on handball and upcoming handball events

According to statistics, about thirty million people around the world are engaged in this team game. Even more inhabitants of the planet closely follow the competitions in this discipline. And many of them are interested in handball betting. Especially for fans and bettors we have collected on this page of our website information about all the matches scheduled for the near future. The information is constantly updated and remains current.

Handball calendar with bookmaker quotes

No more wasting time looking for games and information about them on various specialized resources. All the most important information is collected in our match center. The game schedule is regularly updated. It also includes additional information, for example, quotes from bookmakers, which included the event in the line and the spread. And free handball predictions will help you decide on a betting option and choose a favorite.

What tournaments and leagues are represented?

All major club and international competitions are included in the match center. National championships are represented not only by the top divisions, but also by other divisions. And the national teams' games are represented by adult men's and women's tournaments, as well as competitions of youth teams.

National Championships

The calendar pays special attention to matches in the championships of different countries. It also presents all the matches of the Cup of Russia and some other countries. Here you can find the schedule of games in the championships of such countries as:

  • United Kingdom;
  • Germany;
  • Denmark;
  • Norway;
  • Sweden;
  • Spain;
  • France;
  • Croatia.

If the competition is in the line of the leading bookmakers, it is also on the calendar. Even if it is held in South America or one of the Asian countries.

Club competitions

Among those who like to bet on handball, competitions of the best teams from different countries are especially popular. All of them also find their way into our match center. First and foremost these are:

  • Champions League;
  • EHF European Cup;
  • International Handball Tournament of Champions Doboj.

The schedule includes not only European handball competitions, but also tournaments held in other parts of the world. For example, competitions in Asia, Africa and South America.

National Team Matches

The most popular handball, as well as other team games, are the championships with the best athletes from different countries. All of them are represented in our match center. The key ones are:

  • World Championship;
  • European Championship;
  • Tournament as part of the Summer Olympics;
  • Supercup.

Other competitions of men's and women's teams, as well as teams of different age groups, also regularly reach the Match Center. These include professional competitions under the auspices of the International Handball Federation (IHF) and other organizations as well as amateur events.

Game schedule, calendar and quotes for handball betting on Official Bookmakers

No more searching for the date and time of the match you're interested in. All handball matches for today and the near future are collected in our schedule. In addition, all the important information about the upcoming game, including experts' forecasts and bookmaker's office quotes, is also listed. That is, you will find the right match in seconds, determine the favorite and the place where to bet for maximum winnings in case of a positive outcome of the bet.

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